About Meth Kills

My Girl Crystal

Crystal never nagged, or bitched, or yelled and screamed, or even cheated on me. Whenever I was down, no matter the time of night or day, she was always there for me. Crystal did not care if I went to work or stayed home and partied, all Crystal wanted was my life!!! Do I miss her? Every day of my life. Does she miss me? She never even knew my name!

This site was created by a former meth addict, me, to provide information about methamphetamine, it's addiction, and treatment. I started using Crystal Meth when I was 16 years old. I was just a weekend user, I moved to Sacramento, CA when I was 21. Let me tell you, finding it here in Sacramento is as easy as finding shells at the beach. It was cheap, clean, and powerful. Sometimes I would stay up for 8 or more days in a row, then I would eat and sleep for 2 days and do it all over again.

After about 20 years of abusing my life and family with methamphetamines, Child Protective Services and the court system stepped in and kicked me in the head. After being clean for exactly one year, I suffered a heart-attack and had surgery. Having heart problems at the young age of 37 is enough to scare anyone straight! I am happy to say that I have been clean now since Feb 2006.

Ultimately, the choice between life or methamphetamine is up to the individual. Hopefully the information found here will help you , or help you help someone else make that choice.