What Is Meth

Methamphetamine belongs to the amphetamine family. It is a powerful upper that produces many super feelings along with a variety of adverse reactions. In its pure hydrochloride form, known as crystal meth, it is more potent, colorless, and easier to make than amphetamine. Meth is usually white or slightly yellow, depending on the cooking process and how it is rinsed. I have seen pink and even green colored meth. Here is what the different colors mean:

Red Meth is made from pseudoephedrine, and the red coloring of the tablet was not adequately washed away.
Orange Meth is made when ephedrine sulfate is used, and some of the sulfate was reduced to sulfur.
Purple Meth is made when Iodine from a phosphorus-iodine reaction is not washed out.
Green Meth is made when copper salts make their way in to the process, mainly due to the reaction vessel used.
Brown Meth is made when a oxidized red coloring, or tablating agent was present in the reduction.

How can something that makes you feel so good, ruin people from all walks of life? It's sad but true, meth does make you feel good. That's what it's chemically designed to do.

It's also chemically designed to damage, enslave, and overpower men, women, and children. Meth can and does kill. It kills homes, schools, families, relationships, hopes, dreams, and lives. But most importantly, meth kills you.

Meth is generally cheaper than cocaine and the high lasts longer, as much as ten times longer . With its long-lasting effects, binges may last up to a week, while coke binges last about 3 days. When heavy cocaine users experience paranoia, it almost always disappears once the binge ends.

For users, however, severe disturbance of mood and thought may be sustained well beyond the binge. Not infrequently, they persist for days, sometimes weeks. Similarly, the meth crash is more prolonged, and the drug-related depression some users experience upon awakening can be more severe than any experienced by cocaine users.