Meth Methods Of Use

There are many ways that meth can be used. Meth can be swallowed by putting it in empty gelatin capsules, mix it into water, or add it to coffee. Meth can be chopped into a fine powder and snorted into the nose with a straw. You can smoke meth in a glass pipe, light bulb, or on aluminum foil. Injected into a vain with a hypodermic needle, which increases the chance of addiction, the effects of meth are faster and more intense.

Mixed with water and inserted anally using a syringe without the needle, commonly know in the gay community as getting booty bumped.

Smoking Meth

Smoking meth actually refers to vaporizing it to produce fumes, rather than burning and inhaling the resulting smoke, as with tobacco. You can smoke meth in glass pipes, or in aluminum foil heated by a flame underneath.

Injecting Meth

crankInjection is a popular method for meth use, also known as slamming, but carries quite serious risks. The hydrochloride salt of meth is soluble in water; injection users may use any dose from 125 mg to over a gram, using a small needle. This dosage range may be fatal to non-addicts; addicts rapidly develop tolerance to the drug. Injection users often experience skin rashes (sometimes called "speed bumps") and infections at the site of injection. As with any injected drug, if a group of users shares a common needle or any type of injecting equipment without sterilization procedures, blood-borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis can be transmitted as well.