A Meth Poem

Some call me dope, some call me meth, some call me ice,

Use me just once and I will become your best friend.

I will make you happier than you have ever been.

You will want me every day, just wait and see.

You'll lose touch of your friends and family, how can this be.

You will be addicted and you wont think that you are.

Your life will travel in circles and you wont go very far.

You will run out of money and see that your sad.

You will get really depressed and then mad.

You will look for money in all the wrong places

until you have enough to get a bump of your friend.

You will eventually wonder where did all my money go?

I have done all this work and somehow nothing to show.

Then you will look in the mirror and wonder who you see.

You don't even know yourself anymore, how can this be?

It's time to wake up, you and your friend just aren't meant to be.

When will you see you not the person you use to be.