Miss. Amphetamine

Once I found a special friend. Who promised to share my ups and downs.

"I'll be here til the end," she said. "I'll always be around." So she took me on an adventure. And then a couple more.

Before she mentioned that if I left her. She would even up the score. But I didn't want this friend of mine. To ever go away. When she was gone I would search for her. All through the night and day.

So much fun we had together. Laughing all night long. Staying up for days on end. With her I felt so strong.

She would do my make-up for me. Until she got it just right. She made me look so beautiful. And feel so full of life. Her energy level. Was always through the roof. And whenever I was feeling down. She would always give me a boost.

I came to love this special friend. More than any I had loved before. I came to love this new life of her's. To which she had opened up the door. Together we experienced adrenaline. As I had never felt it before.

She brought me to new rushes. That I needed more and more. Eventually we were inseperable. Together everyday. I would beg her not to leave me. And she would promise to always stay.

Everybody told me. She wasn't really my friend. That she didn't care if she hurt me. To what they had to say. I knew that they were jealous. And made them go away. Finally, it was just the two of us. In it til the end. Just me and her,. Because I had no other friends.

Then one day my special friend started to get mean. Whispering paranoid ideas in my ear. She wasn't as nice as she once seemed.

No longer did she make me feel so beautiful and strong. Confusing my reality. She began making me feel all wrong. No longer could I handle staying up for days. Getting thinner and always weaker. I was going in a craze.

No longer did I love her. Or want her by my side. But she had me in her power. And wouldn't let me say goodbye. So I stuck by this friend of mine. Who wasn't really my friend. I had come to realize that she was nothing but my bitter end.

 But she had me in her grips, you see. And she wasn't letting go. She wanted to take me with her. To take me 6 feet below. And the more I fought against her it seemed.

The harder she held strong. "I told you in the beggining," she said. "It's together that we belong." But she didn't take my pain away. As she did before. Instead she added to it. And increased it more and more.

I think I'm going crazy, I would say. As I would sit and cry. "I want you to go away," "I'm terrified to die." But she would only snicker. And tell me that she would stay. That she was my special friend, and as such. She would never go away. And so that was how it went. Until she got her way.

We were together until the end. She never ever strayed. And what a special friend she was. There til my last breath. Kissing me on the lips. With her special kiss of death. You're probably wondering who a special friend like this could be.

 Well, I will tell you her name. It is Miss. Amphetamine. And if you ever come across her, just turn your back and run. Because this special friend is no friend at all. Only death to everyone.

Meth kills - Peace Out!!