My Meth Arrest

All along I think that maybe. It had already cuffed and detained me.
Back then when I didn't know what could truly become.
All at once I knew it was something.

A familiar comfort to fill all these nothings.
Stealing my all when I decided to just try some.

Believing I knew that what I really needed.
Was some other something than what I'd proceeded.
To use that something to fill all the void and the need.

No, Sir, I'm not in possession of any meth, paraphernalia, or any weapon.
No stolen items, or anything for which you should arrest me.

No hypodermic accident waiting to stick you from the pocket of my pants.
I've never banged anything in these veins, as you can see.

Well, yes, I knew that meth bag was there, This whole time I was fully aware.

But I'd say it again, since it's the drug that's in possession of me.

I don't understand why you're grabbing my hands.
The cuffs are too tight, it's not what I planned.
And I can't mask the fear that is quickly rising inside me.

But yes, Sir, I will readily confess, I would damn near turn State's evidence,
If instead you'll arrest this meth that's in possession of me.