You Were There...

You've always been there with me, even when I was crawling on knees.

You were there every night when they yelled, and you were there when he touched me and told me not to tell.

You were there when they took me from my Mom.

How blind I was to miss, you were there all along!

You were there when we had to hide.

You spend all the money when my Grandpa died.

You were my playmate while Mom ran about.

You were there when my Grandma came and took me out.

You were in the bleachers at my basketball games.

You were there when I needed someone to blame.

You were the reason, the first time I ran.

You disguised youself, I reached out for your hand.

You had changed friends, from my Mommy to me.

I can't believe I was fooled, too blind to see.

You were there every time we lost it all.

You were right beside me, watching me fall.

You were there when I layed down for him in the grass.

You were there helping me run from my past.

You were there and you feuled my rage.

We took a long break when they sent me to the cage.

But you were waiting for me, Home, Sweet Home.

You were always there to help me when she left me alone.

You were there when I wanted to have fun.

You were in the driver's seat when my life came undone.

You were never there when I got in trouble.

Thought you said always? Now the standards are doubled.

You were there laughing, taunting my cries.

You were the voice in my head saying "I want to die!"

You failed to help when my heart broke.

You left me hanging when I got caught in one smooth stroke.

You have done to me, just the same as my Mother.

You tried to wreck my life, but you couldn't smother.

You are nothing that I want to keep.

You are a fake friend ; lying and cheap.

You are addiction, you take many forms.

You're meth in my bubble or alcohol in the dorms.

You lie and you promise, but never the truth.

I for one am tired of your "friendly" abuse.

You ruined my family when I was young.

The heartbroken songs, for you, I sung.

I will no longer let you manipulate MY life.

I'm taking back what you stole, setting it right.

Your useless lines and rocks no longer bind me, Because once and for all I finally see.

No matter what vice in which you try to appear, I will stand tall and show you no fear.

You are nothing but an affliction. You ruined me, I hate you Addiction.